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About the library


The town-library at Česká Lípa is a library of regional affecting whose foundations have been laid in 1921. Originaly it was built as a central library of the uniform net of public libraries in the district of Česká Lípa.

From January 1998 it has worked as a library of regional character. It builds the universal bookfond, provides extensive bibliographical, cultural, educational information. It functions as a consulting centre with services to the librarions for the net of public libraries in the district of Česká Lípa.

The book-services are automatised (system Tritius), from the lending minutes to the on-line cathalogues accessible to the public. There are to public disposal: copy sevices, borrowings between all libraries, internet, access to databases, regional information-fund, public typing rooms, Collection of laws and orders of the Czech Republic.

In addition to the general lending library at the Masaryk-Square at Česká Lípa there are 3 branches of lending libraries in the housing estates Lada, Špičák and Holý Vrch and 1 library in the community of Dobranov.

The fund of books in the town-library comprises about 140 000 books and the library is usually visited by 400 users every day.



  • lending of books and magazines
  • lending of maps, atlases, guide-books, audiocassettes
  • lending service between libraries
  • reservation-service
  • on-line cathalogues for the readers
  • internet
  • infromation (time-tables, address-books, telephone directions, ...)
  • bibliographical information (cathalogues, databases, recherches, ...)
  • database ČNB (Czech Nationl Bibliography)
  • Databases Anopress, ASPI, PressReader
  • Collection of Laws and Orders of the Czech Republic
  • regional literature, information about the region
  • regional bibliographical and factographical bases
  • forming of over-regional databases and collective cathalogues
  • printing
  • publishing activities


Městská knihovna

Česká Lípa,
příspěvková organizace
nám.T.G.Masaryka 170
470 01 Česká Lípa

IČO 00360171
Tel. 487883444
Fax 487522975
e-mail: info@knihovna-cl.cz

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